Virtue’s team will be partnering with Clara B Foundation throughout the years, to help with the vision and mission of helping to bring awareness to health, increase literacy and education.

Clara B. Foundation Bio

 The Clara B. Foundation (C.B.F.) was established in 2018 by Jada Moss during her junior year of highschool with hopes of addressing issues pertaining to access to healthcare and education. The nonprofit organization was named after and established in honor of her late grandmother, Clara B. Moss, a former nurse and public servant who passed away from pulmonary cancer in 1985. Being that her grandmother passed away from a noncommunicable disease (cancer), Moss decided to make promoting access to healthcare required to treat these diseases and others as one of its primary initiatives.

Both of the organization’s goals correlate with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) meant to address economic, environmental and social issues worldwide. C.B.F. plans to help tackle the issues relating to education by focusing on increasing the literacy rate in countries where it is currently low.

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We’ll achieve this by raising monetary, book and educational material donations to give away in developing countries. Referring to C.B.F’s second goal, promoting access to healthcare, Moss hopes to promote awareness on healthcare issues by distributing educational videos from the organization’s social media outlets and raising donations (both monetary and materialistic) to send to areas where healthcare access is limited. Moss hopes that by raising monetary and material donations for healthcare facilities, more individuals will gain access to the medical supplies they need.

For more information about the Clara B. Foundation and what you can do to help, simply visit www.jadamoss.com/clarabfoundation/

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